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Qingdao Honey Atop Guanxiang Shan

July 24, 2014 in About Qingdao by Steven

Recently came across a honey seller on Guanxiang Shan, in the neighbourhood of the Old Observatory Hostel. Special thanks to Na for the walk in the park.

by Steven

Qingdao Seen: Sea Green

July 18, 2014 in Photos by Steven

Algae bloom is back in Qingdao for annual summer holidays of 2014. This photo is from the coast near Lu Xun Park, in front of the Time Capsule. To contribute your photos of Qingdao, please get in touch.

by Steven

Qingdao Clipper and Vicky Song Call On London

July 14, 2014 in About Qingdao by Steven

Vicky Song makes history as the first Chinese female sailor to circumnavigate the globe, and the Qingdao team finishes 7th in the Clipper Round the World race as they reached St Katharine’s Docks in London on July 13, 2014. Vicky was one of the first to embrace sailing in Qingdao. She became a very important figure in sailing education in Qingdao, known as China’s “Sailing City”. The Qingdao yacht has participated in 5 straight Clipper competitions, and is the longest running entry in the Round the World race.

The race has been instrumental in popularising sailing in Qingdao as well as promoting the city’s name around the world. Many Qingdao ren have been inspired to take up sailing as a result, and quite a few have been aboard a Clipper yacht as part of the race. Learn more about signing up to take part below. Find out more about Vicky (Song Kun) from the Qingdao Daily via the Women of China site.
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Badminton In Qingdao At Guoxin

July 14, 2014 in About Qingdao by Steven

Badminton, anyone? Play the fastest floating-ist racquet sport at Guoxin Arena (Fushan Hou area). Courts rented by the hour, equipment also on offer. Pics from a Sunday afternoon, thanks to Stephano for introducing the venue. More info on the Guoxin Arena and Gym here and here.

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Zhongshan Park Goes Digital

July 14, 2014 in About Qingdao by Steven

Over a century old and staying hip to the times, Zhongshan Park has added QR codes to the trees at the park for smartphone users to get more info on each tree. Check out more info and photos of Zhongshan Park in Qingdao.
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Qingdao Photos: Huangxian Lu

July 4, 2014 in About Qingdao by Steven

Check out Huangxian Lu, off Daxue Lu near Strong Ale Works and Ocean University. There is a spate of cafes, hostels, and bars in this area. It is Wen Yi Qing Nian central for Qingdao summer 2014.

by Steven

Qingdao Seen: Big Buddha Nest

June 24, 2014 in Photos by Steven

Seen around Qingdao: Big Buddha with his back to the sea, nested in a man made cave near Tuandao in the Badaxia area (aka Xi Zhen). Send your Qingdao photos to us – get in touch here.

by Clay

Qingdao Photos: Lao Doors

June 14, 2014 in Photos by Clay

Yesterday a friend took us out to Laoshan – here are the doors in the village near the coast. To contribute your photos of places you’ve been in Qingdao, get in touch with us here.

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QDHHH 6.14

June 14, 2014 in About Qingdao by Qingdao Hash House Harriers

Here are the basic details for Saturday:

Hares: Well Hung Jury and Pleases the Court

Details. The run will start at the Da Ju Yuan (Qingdao Grand Theater) bus stop across the street from the Qilin Hotel. The run will start at 2:45 pm. For those coming from the Crowne Plaza, meet at 2 pm and take the 104, 304 or 321. For those coming direct, please make it by 2:45.

Description: We will not make a runner/walker division. Instead, there will be two courses. A FLAT course led by Pleases the Court and a MOUNTAIN COURSE led by Well Hung Jury. The flat course will be easy and the mountain course will be hard. Both courses will be beautiful. Participants can choose their course. Both runs will finish at Nong Hai Yuan near the home of the hares. We will have a nice place for a circle and plenty of beer and other drinks. Dinner will be at the apartment of the hares. Hares will provide food. Participants can provide drinks and any treats they want to bring.

On On

On On !!

Well Hung Jury “Steve” & Team
Hare Raiser/Trail Master – Qingdao Hash House Harriers

Facebook: – Drinking club with a running problem ;-)

Global Hash Trash:

Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake

June 12, 2014 in About Qingdao by Justin Reamer

Pictures: Ed Blackthorne
If you’ve been in Jusco recently, you’ve probably noticed a long line of people at a strange little shop in the northeast corner. You might’ve looked at this line of people and wondered what they were all waiting for. After you realized it was cheesecake, you might’ve even thought to yourself, “Man, I gotta try some of that.” Well, we here at Qingdaonese have done the waiting for you, so that you don’t need to waste your time.

This exchange I had with one of my Japanese friends is pretty indicative of my overall feelings towards Uncle Tetsu:
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The Aviator of Tsingtao, Cover

June 12, 2014 in About Qingdao by Steven

Recently Camphor Press sent in a couple of excerpts from their recent publication The Aviator of Tsingtao. Here’s a shot of the cover. If you are interested in history and Qingdao, this makes for a fascinating story. Check out more info here.

by Steven

New Zealand Pavilion at QD Expo

June 6, 2014 in About Qingdao by Steven

The 2014 Qingdao International Horticulture Exposition is now open in Laoshan district, near Beizhai. There are pavilions from countries around the world, such as the New Zealand pavilion featured on the Expo website (photos and info here).

If you’re interested to head out to the Expo, now is a good time, before the summer tourist crowds of July and August descend on Qingdao. Usually June is a month of study, tests, gao kao, etc, for most families with school age kids in China, and so right now is a good time to enjoy the “pleasing visual effect and ample sunshine of New Zealand” at the Qingdao Expo. More info from the Expo official website below.

The New Zealand pavilion, located in the western end of the Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition, is a Maori building of unique style. The surrounding landscape has been designed to create a microrelief made of soil, with a dry stream consisting of stones. On this microrelief, there are arbors, shrubs and colorful flowers, which make up a pleasing visual effect and show off the ample sunshine of New Zealand.