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Stumbled across on Youku, this old promo video for Tsingtao Beer is an interesting look at the wonders of our favorite local refreshment. If only the Qingdao International Beer Festival had been going on back then, we might be able to see some old school karaoke.

According to the video, Tsingtao Beer can cure rheumatism, intestinal diseases, and is considered to be the ‘bread of a liquid diet’. The clip appears to be a collection of several commercials, or just one long one, and likely was recorded in the early 1950’s. It also includes an amazing view of Qingdao’s skyline when St. Michael’s Cathedral still dominated. Oh, and Laoshan is said to be covered with rainforest, which is news to us!

Check out the transcription of the Mandarin to English translation of the audio below (translation by Marcus Murphy with special thanks to Josh Zhao for proofreading and translation assistance).

1950’s Tsingtao Beer Advertisement

Correct, Qingdao really is a garden metropolis, but inside this garden metropolis there is also an outstanding industrial area. Home to the largest brewery in the Far East, none other than Tsingtao Brewery.

Let’s think about the origin of Tsingtao while we drink. First we’ll take a look at what ingredients are used. This is Laoshan, which lies in the northeast corner of Qingdao. The rolling hills are strategically important terrain and difficult to access. The peaks reach high into the sky and the canyons are very deep. An old saying goes, “Taishan may be taller but it doesn’t overtop the magnificence of Laoshan on the East China Sea.”

From here you can go to the peak and look at the rainforest vegetation. All of the water has fallen from the sky. Tsingtao Beer is actually brewed with this spring water.

Besides spring water there is another important ingredient, barley. The best barley is chosen and then cleaned and sent to the production department.

The barley mash is mixed with water and then boiled in a large stirring pot.

Characters = Contains minerals and vitamin B.

Then the mash is left to cool down and ferment. After this the basic production is finished. The beer is left in a sub-zero temperature basement for two months so that quality will not be compromised.

The fermented beer is then filtered, and the cleanliness is preserved. The characteristic of Tsingtao that stands out the most is the flavor. The flavoring comes from these hops.

Once the beer has been successfully brewed, the second important step is filling the bottles.

This is an automatic filling machine, which both sterilizes and cleans the bottles. The employees of the brewery all have backgrounds in Economic and Scientific Management. After the bottles are cleaned, they are automatically filled with beer. Everyday the factory produces around 200,000 bottles. Then they are inspected and the last step is to add the labels.

As the boxes come out one by one on the conveyor belt, they are stacked together before being prepared for delivery. From the factory, large quantities are sent out by trucks, trains, planes and steamship to both domestic markets and faraway countries.

Tsingtao Beer is stylish all over China. Everyday hundreds of crates are delivered to every corner of Shanghai. Sales increase day by day. You might ask why? It’s because Tsingtao Beer can increase ones appetite and stimulate the spleen, moreover it can even cure beriberi, rheumatism and intestinal or stomach diseases.

All the stores are busy and everybody is asking for Tsingtao Beer, proving Tsingtao really is popular and the quality is great. Why? Because Tsingtao Beer is the bread of a liquid diet.

Tsingtao is such a hit everywhere. Why? Number 1, it’s rich with minerals and vitamin B. Not only is it harmless, but moreover it strengthens the body, and even increases ones appetite and stimulates the spleen, moreover it can even cure beriberi, rheumatism and intestinal or stomach diseases. Number 2, Tsingtao Beer tastes very mellow and pure with a subtle pleasing aroma. Those with a higher tolerance can put them down rather fast, while those with a lower tolerance might want to drink less quickly and just slowly try a glass at first.
Or just enjoy its aromatic fragrance if nothing else.

It doesn’t matter what place, store or restaurant or hotel you go to, you will always be able to find a Tsingtao Beer. Within the household, it’s an essential beverage when hosting guests. When in public places it’s an essential beverage that everybody asks for. Tsingtao Beer really is the bread of a liquid diet. It quenches your thirst and is nutritious. One should often drink Tsingtao. Not only is it harmless, moreover it strengthens the body. Cup in hand, it’s infinitely enjoyable.


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    ‘Not only is it harmless’?

    Guess this must have been made before SoHo bar

  3. Marcus! That is so sick that CNN picked this up! Congrats. I definitely wouldnt be where I am today without the help of Tsingtao Beer!

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