Yunxiao Lu is a short street in downtown Qingdao known for its many restaurants. It intersects another ‘restaurant row’ called Minjiang Lu about halfway along its course – at the northwest corner sits the landmark Xiao Nan Guo restaurant. In addition to restaurants, Yunxiao Lu is also home to a handful of KTVs and small hotels. Steven Gao of Lennon Bar fame used to run a very popular restaurant on Yunxiao Lu called Gao Shifu until he completely moved all operations including food and drink to the bar on Zhuhai Lu. Some of the best baozi (steamed buns) in Qingdao can be found at a little place on the northeast corner of the Yunxiao Lu – Zhangpu Lu intersection.

Many of the restaurants on Yunxiao Lu are hotpot and seafood places, with a couple Korean BBQs and baozi shops.

Yunxiao Lu is in Shinan district. It begins at Xianggang Zhong Lu (Hong Kong Middle Rd./香港中路) and runs north past Jiangxi Lu into the Badahu residential area where it borders the newly re-branded Number 2 branch school (formerly 25 middle school, one of Qingdao’s main sports schools). Yunxiao is the name of a county in Fujian province, which keeps in line with Qingdao’s custom of naming streets after places in China.

Best Baozi Qingdao Yunxiao Lu Zhangpu Lu

Hot Pot Qingdao Yunxiao Lu

Qingdao Streets Yunxiao Lu Fish Pot

Qingdao Streets Yunxiao Lu

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