Qingdao is a lovely city to visit, also to live. There are bunches of things to appreciate in Qingdao, not least of which is shopping. When it comes to shopping, one place must be introduced – the Taidong San Lu Pedestrian Street (bu xing jie/步行街). The “walking street” is one of Qingdao’s centers of entertainment and shopping, with Wal-Mart (in Wanda Plaza), Liqun Department Store, Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s, and many more locally and internationally known enterprises located there. One of the best places for Sichuan food in Qingdao, Tian Lu Yuan, is right across from the Wal-Mart – during busy mealtimes you will probably have to wait for a table or share one with other diners. Try the ma po dofu (spicy tofu/麻婆豆腐) – it goes great with rice (mifan/米饭).

There’s plenty to look at along the Taidong Pedestrian Street in Qingdao. One distinctive feature are the murals covering the walls of neighboring apartment buildings.

The roadsides are decorated by fancy night-lights and dotted with all kinds of snack outlets to satisfy any taste. The whole place is full of an atmosphere of business, culture, food, and fun. It’s a booming area where almost 100,000 visitors come to shop every day. The night market is also worth a mention as it is the highlight of the Taidong San Lu Bu Xing Jie practically every night of the year. The outdoor bazaar usually lasts from 5 pm to 11 pm, offering daily necessities and small fashion accessories. The products are affordable but of relative quality – it’s always a good idea to exercise caution, and caveat emptor. The whole area of Taidong offers plenty of shopping and entertainment options nearby to Taidong San Lu, including the Wanda Cinema atop Wal-Mart, the Wedding Photography Street (Yan An Er Lu), Qingdao Beer Street (Dengzhou Lu, location of the original Tsingtao Brewery), the Qingdao Culture Street.

Shopping Qingdao Taidong Pedestrian Street At Night

Qingdao Shopping Taidong Pedestrian Street

Qingdao Shopping Taidong Walking Street

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