Going bowling in Qingdao was a fad in the 90’s that spread through China after sweeping Taiwan in the 80’s. Bowling in Qingdao seems to have lost its luster and is now on offer at just a few outlets around town.

It all started with the Haitian Hotel (now closed), passed through the now absent Kitami on Yanji Lu (the site is now the Xinxing Sports Center), and now the sport of kings and working men can be enjoyed at these hotels in Qingdao. Please let us know of any other places in the comments below.

Crowne Plaza Hotel

The bowling center at Crowne Plaza is mostly deserted during the day when rates are cheaper, as most of the places to bowl in Qingdao offer special deals during their down times. The space at Crowne Plaza is posh and elite, chances are you would be the only bowlers there most of the time. It’s rumored that they don’t have much in the way of beer down there and folks have been known to byob. Check with the fuwuyuan first. For more info call 8571.8888.

Grand Regency Hotel

Back in the day when bowling was more popular than bars in Qingdao, the Grand Regency ruled the roost with a huge area on the 3F near the squash courts. Then the bowling center was moved to the space in the parking garage connected to the hotel and kept on rolling as Qingdao’s most popular destination to knock down some pins. Presently it’s still probably the one place in town popular with regular bowlers. For more info call 8588.1818.

Kylin Best Western Hotel

The Kylin towers above Surf Plaza near the Old Stone Man. For people out in the eastern part of Qingdao (in Laoshan district), this is the best choice for bowling. The Kylin is next to the Qingdao International Beer City, site of the yearly Beer Fest. Beer and bowling, a natural combination. For more info call 8889.1888

Gold Marina/Blue Horizon Hotel

This is Huangdao Kaifaqu’s best hotel and the lanes here are fairly new and well maintained. Gold Marina is just west of Jusco next to the Petroleum University on Changjiang Lu in the Development Zone. For those of you on the other side of the bay who wish to go bowling, this is probably your only choice. For more info call 8698.6666

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