Qingdao Supermarkets

Happy shopping is the motto of many supermarkets in Qingdao. With so many choices and so many goods on offer, these retails outlets offer ecstatic shopping. To orientate those new in Qingdao, here’s a list of the major supermarkets in the city. Please let us know your experiences in the comments below.


French hypermarket with 2 locations in Qingdao. The original downtown location is at the corner of Xianggang Zhong Lu (Hong Kong Middle Rd.) and Nanjing Lu in Shinan district. This was once called the largest Carrefour in the world in terms of floor space and it’s right down the street from the Qingdao municipal government building and May 4th Square. Long lines at the checkout only outdone by the even longer lines for cheap eggs in bulk. Imported goods mostly from US, Europe, Korea, with a selection of Carrefour brand foods from France. Limited selection of green foods. The Shandong Lu location is just north of the Qingdao Library, near the corner of Dunhua Lu. There’s a Subway sandwich shop, a pharmacy and a Chinese style bakery on the ground floor.

Qingdao Supermarkets


The Japanese supermarket on Xianggang Zhong Lu (Hong Kong Middle Rd.) at the corner of Fuzhou Lu is one of the main focal points of downtown Qingdao. The supermarket has a selection of organic vegetables, fruits, and grains. Part of the Aeon chain that operates Mini Stop convenience stores around town. A good place to find domestically made (Beijing) and imported soy milk (Silk). Known for quality meats and deli foods. Jusco also has a department store with clothes, toys, housewares, appliances, electronics; the larger mall houses a Starbucks, McD’s and Luigi’s Pizza.

The Jusco on Yanji Lu is in the basement of the CBD Wanda Plaza in Shibei district, 2 minutes east of the Qingdao Library and just west of the Qingdao Archives. The most pleasant shopping experience is found at the Jusco on Changjiang Lu in Huangdao Kaifaqu, where the cashiers are bored and there are seldom lines to checkout. The Huangdao Jusco supermarket is part of a larger mall which also houses a Pizza Hut and Starbucks.

Qingdao Supermarkets Downtown Qingdao Jusco

Da Run Fa / RT Mart (Da Fu Yuan)

Da Run Fa (English name RT Mart) on Ningxia Lu was originally named Da Fu Yuan and is still referred to by this name by many people. Stocks some imported goods and organic or conversion to organic vegetables and fruits. The plaza in front of the building comes alive in the evening with groups of card players and people kicking around a feather disc similar to a hacky sack called a Jianzi. The location on Chengyang Lu is in Chengyang close to the district government building.

Jia Jia Yuan

This large chain originates from Weihai in Shandong Province. The most prominent location in the general Qingdao area is in Huangdao on Changjiang Lu just west of the Huangdao Jusco. Similar to Carrefour but with more local characteristics. There’s a decent movie theater and arcade on the top floor. There are 2 other Jia Jia Yuan markets in Qingdao, one in Chengyang and one near the train station.

Xin Kuai

Small boutique supermarket in Hong Kong Gardens area across from Le Bang, near Mykal. Said to sell the best cuts of meat in Qingdao. Clean, convenient access, almost never crowded. Japanese and Korean imported snacks, drinks, spices. Ground floor and small size make for quick and relatively hassle free shopping experience

Qingdao Supermarkets Qingdao Coffee

Hisense Plaza

Just south of Donghai Lu near Jusco, Hisense Plaza has a Western style market underground next to Starbucks. Imported drinks, cheese, foods, and personal products such as Waleda toothpaste and olive oil soaps. Organic vegetables from Haimengyuan and Daichi, organic grains from O Store and more.


Basement supermarket underneath huge department store on Xianggang Zhong Lu (Hong Kong Middle Rd.) that has a limited selection of imported products and standard supermarket selection of dry goods, drinks, fruit and vegetables. Large live seafood section. Usually not very crowded.

Sunshine Department Store

In the basement of one of Qingdao’s most exclusive shopping centers, the supermarket has a good selection of imported snacks, cookies, gift packages and more. Imported drinks and very limited organic dry foods such as grains. Slightly more expensive than the Carrefour across the street and infinitely more comfortable with very low crowd density and much cleaner conditions.

Silver Gardens Imported Goods

Small shop within the Silver Gardens apartment complex that sells mostly imported products, from pasta to sauce and cereal to cheese. High quality produce in tiny annex next to the shop with slightly higher prices than farmer’s markets, but worth it for some due to the pleasant small scale shopping experience. Lots of imported snacks and drinks.


Large British chain but this store is mostly Chinese with some imported goods. Has received mixed reviews and met with disappointment from UK shoppers who have fonder memories of Tesco back home than what is on offer here.

Qingdao Supermarkets Walmart


A slightly stronger version of Tesco with a large deli and bakery section. 2 floors of goods from clothing to cleaning to produce. In the middle of Taidong on the Weihai Lu Pedestrian Mall, Walmart is at the top of a shopping center that also houses a Pizza Hut. Crowded but efficiently run, the hardest part about shopping here is getting in and out of Taidong. Lacks Walmart brands known to many North American shoppers.


Very typical Chinese style supermarket circa 1998. Next to the train station and on the ground floor of a large department store in the same complex of buildings as KFC and McDonalds. Standard selection of drinks, produce, personal products, and a small deli for carry out baozi (steamed buns with filling) and Chinese breads/pancakes.


German bulk shopping giant located out in Sifang. Huge selection of imported goods, small amounts of organic or green foods. Preferred location for some small to medium caterers and restaurants in Qingdao. Best if reached by personal car, Metro is far from the downtown and eastern Qingdao population centers and sometimes hard to catch a cab back.

Photo Credit @ Cheese Fry, Info Seek China, Panaramio, Katie.

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  1. Love Metro, here in Guangzhou we have one. If I really need some food from Spain, I will go there, I always find nice olive oil.

  2. Actually 3 Carrefour stores in Qingdao now. They have one at the same site as Decathlon and B&Q on Liaoyang Xi Lu. However, last time I was there they had none of the imported goods found at the other 2 stores.

    For those living in the Shi Lao Ren / Laoshan Qu area we, thankfully, no longer need to head to the downtown are for our regular grocery shopping. The Leader Plaza includes a fine supermarket downstairs which has it’s own Xin Kuai Meat counter. Other than a good selection of Korean goods, small DEFA counter and over priced wines it’s mainly Chinese goods. Adjacent to Leader there is also a LotteMart Supermarket, though nothing unusual or of particular merit there. All this plus a Papa John’s,KFC, Ajisen Noodle and McDonalds on the same block as the Exhibition Center. 1 block to the South East there are 2 very well stocked Korean Mini Markets.

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