Qingdao Seen: Water Plants

From the Sina English bbs:

Plant invasion in Qingdao

A girl plays at a beach in Qingdao, Shandong Province Tuesday. The government said water plants have covered an area of 615 square kilometers in the Yellow Sea, part of which has invaded the sea waters near Qingdao.

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  1. That stuff is back again!? The algae blooms are pretty much an annual thing now aren’t they?

    • Looks like it. Every summer since 2008 there have been green swaths of stink washing up on the beaches… doesn’t seem to bother the holidaymakers much though..

      There are differing opinions on what causes it, some say it’s from chemical residue/runoff, while it’s also been said to be the work of aquaculture refuse tossed back into the sea to promulgate.

      Heard that they are making clothes out of the stuff now…

  2. This algae bloom was on the way to QD for a long time :


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