Check out the view from Signal Hill in Qingdao circa Summer 2012 courtesy of Ms. Cao Na. Signal Hill, known in Mandarin as Xinhao Shan (信号山), is a public park in Qingdao’s Old Town crowned by three red globes and communication antennae that attest to the hill’s use as a natural watchtower.

The peak affords climbers a lookout over the green space surrounding Daxue Lu, Dongfang Hotel, Xiao Qingdao (Little Qingdao, the small island with a white lighthouse), and the Yellow Sea. This photo shows why Qingdao is famous for “Green Trees, Red Roofs, Blue Sky, and Azure Sea“.

The taller white building is the Dongfang Hotel, which is adjacent to Ocean University of China (Yushan campus) and the People’s Hall on Daxue Lu. On the left near the sea is a small hill lined with peaceful lanes and historic houses. This area (Jinkou Yi, Er, San, Si Lu) is exclusive though not too expensive – housing on offer includes apartments in old villas at a reasonable cost. Check with a local agent for a viewing appointment.

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Xin Hao Shan Signal Hill Qingdao

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