Qingdao Photos: German History

Qingdao’s short history has seen quite a lot of international influence, most notably the German occupation of 1897 to 1914, which marks the beginnings of modern Qingdao, also known as Tsingtau (Tsingtao). Here’s a look at some old photos and postcards from Qingdao’s German history.

Old Qingdao Zhan Qiao Pier

Old Qingdao Guangxi Lu

Photo Links:
Old postcards from around China, including Qingdao (Tsingtau), Weihai, Dalian and more
Info on Tsingtau, includes basic facts, links and b/w photos (German)
Photos and Info on The Siege of Tsingtao
Photos of German Concession Era Kiautschou
Past and Present Comparison of Qingdao Old Town Buildings

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