The mountains around Qingdao including Fushan and Laoshan are pretty rocky. Aside from being the model for the image on Laoshan water cans and bottles, these formations offer excellent outdoor opportunities. This has not gone unnoticed internationally, and recently there was an online photo profile of bouldering in Qingdao.


Qingdao is becoming one of the most popular bouldering areas of China. In the spring, climbers from around the world come to boulder here, including Chris Sharma, Davin Bagdonas, Joe Langwald… Davin Bagdonas said about Qingdao: “It was a huge relief to end up in a place that has amazing amounts of really good rock, a huge number of boulders, and a crew that only wants to climb. In all the places I’ve bouldered, by far the area in China around Qingdao has the most rock. Millions of boulders sit under hundreds of crags and tumble from multi-thousand-foot mountains down to a long rocky coast on the Yellow Sea.” For more by Rocker, visit

There are also a couple of locally based tour operators dedicated to popularizing Qingdao as the best bouldering destination in China, arranging tours of the city in addition to taking people out for plenty of rock climbing. For more information, visit Qingdao Climbing Guides and Climbing in China. Below are more photos of rock climbing in Qingdao from Rocker.

Qingdao Bouldering Climbing Rock 2

Qingdao Bouldering Climbing Rock 3

Qingdao Bouldering Climbing Rock 4

Qingdao Bouldering Climbing Rock 5

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