Qingdao artist Li Lan (李兰) is an accomplished sculptor and painter currently teaching at Qingdao University’s College of Art. She received an MFA degree in Sculpture from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

A member of the China Ceramic Industry Association, Li Lan is Executive Director of the Qingdao Sculptors Association and has been exhibiting and winning awards for her work since 2002, including at the Hong Kong Art Fair, Shanghai Art Fair, and the 2006 Art Biennale China.

Check out some of her paintings below from the series Lost Thread.

Qingdao Painter Li Lan 12

Qingdao Painter Li Lan 11

Qingdao Painter Li Lan 2

Qingdao Painter Li Lan 3

Qingdao Painter Li Lan Amnesia

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