The People’s Republic of China turns 62 on October 1, 2011. The anniversary of the founding of the PRC is called National Day, also known as Shi Yi (十一). National Day is a time when many, many people will travel in China. Be advised that trains, planes, and automobiles will be in high demand. The celebration of modern China’s birthday in Qingdao includes fireworks, flowers, and a patriotic display of flags.

The official holiday is from October 1 to 7, with work resuming on the weekend of October 8 -9. The 7 day break is often referred to as Golden Week due to an emphasis on consumer spending, i.e. shopping and travel. To commemorate the occasion, large retailers and service providers run highly visible sales promotions.

In addition to increased patronage at consumer outlets such as Suning, Jusco, and Marina City, popular tourist attractions in Qingdao like May 4th Square, Laoshan, and Polar Ocean World usually experience heavier than normal crowds.

The painting featured below depicts the declaration of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949. The popular painting was later made into a widely distributed poster.

More information on this iconic image from Chinese Posters:

The celebrated painter Dong Xiwen (1914-1973) was entrusted with artistically recording the first National Day event for posterity. When his oil painting was first unveiled in 1953, it was lauded as one of the greatest paintings ever made by a Chinese. Mao himself said that it showed “…a great country, which is China. Our paintings are unsurpassed if measured against others internationally, for we have our own unique national form”. More than half a million reproductions were sold in the three months after the work was unveiled.

China National Day

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