The Fushan (Fu Mountain/浮山) range is a popular hiking alternative to Laoshan as it is closer to the city. There are no roads – instead, huge boulders, meadows, natural trails, and pine trees make Fushan a desirable destination for outdoor enthusiasts. More information about Qingdao’s Fushan from QINGDAO(nese) contributor Cherie.

Fushan’s original name was Fu Feng Shan (浮峰山) and it was also once called Wen Feng Shan (文峰山). It is about 5 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide with an area of 7.5 square kilometers. The main peak is the highest in Qingdao at approximately 384 meters. Fushan is at the junction of Qingdao and Laoshan, also separating the north and south of the city in the eastern end of the Qingdao peninsula. Fushan offers great views of the city and the ocean. Qingdao University and Ocean University are both at the foot of Fushan and are well known departure points for climbing. Fushan Xin Qu, the Qingdao International Beer City and Shilaoren (Old Stone Man/石老人) beach resort area all border Fushan.

There are many different kinds of trees growing on Fushan Mountain, but most are black pines (hei song/黑松). The mountains are turning green now, and the green symbolizes the vigor and vitality of this area. The springs of Fushan are also worth mentioning. The water is fragrant and sweet, and people living nearby use some to make tea every morning, as tea made with spring water is extremely refreshing.

One final precautionary note: be safe and respectful of the mountains when hiking in Fushan. The lack of accessibility and remoteness of the area makes it extra important that you follow general common safety sense. Fire prevention is another important thing to consider when visiting Fushan. Historically, instances of fire on Fushan have led to severe injuries. The cause was said to be lit cigarettes discarded by smokers or burning papers used to pay respects to ancestors over Qing Ming. We are to have fun, enjoy the vigorous environment, be healthy, and seek other positive goals while climbing Fushan. We shouldn’t take risks or encounter danger. I am here to advocate that everyone be careful when in the mountains.

Better safe than sorry. Take care. Be happy. Enjoy the best hiking in eastern Qingdao, check out some photos below.

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Fushan Qingdao University

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