The stage production of Four Generations Under One Roof (Si Shi Tong Tang/四世同堂) will be performed at the Qingdao Grand Theatre on March 16 and 17, 2011. The drama, originally written as a novel by Lao She (老舍), depicts life for a Chinese family in Beijing during the time of Japanese occupation of Northeast China (aka Manchuria). The name of the play is often translated as The Yellow Storm.

Lao She (1899-1966) has been affectionately called the People’s Artist in China and is considered one of the best Chinese novelists and playwrights of the post Literary Reform era. Lao She lived in Qingdao on Huangxian Lu in the early 1930’s, which is where he penned what is arguably his most famous work, Rickshaw Boy (Camel Xiangzi). Today there is a museum at his former home in Qingdao to commemorate the author and his work. The play Four Generations Under One Roof (with Mandarin dialogue heavy on Beijing accent) is now touring China after a successful debut in Taiwan last year.

When: March 16-17, 7.30 pm
Venue: Qingdao Grand Theatre / 青岛大剧院
Location: 5 Yunling Lu, Laoshan district / 云岭路5号
Tickets: 180-580 yuan (RMB)
More Info: 8066.5555

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