Author: Sunsa

Interview Liu Jian Yue Cat Zorro Qingdao

Interview: Liu Jiayue and her Cat Zorro

Liu Jiayue (刘佳玥) discusses how she came to write Cat Zorro (樱花树下的小猫侠), making big money, and more.

Roadside Barber Qingdao, China

Qingdao Seen: Roadside Barber

Have you ever seen a barber working just by the roadside? There’s an old barber cutting hair right on Gaoxiong Lu in Qingdao.

Ginger Qingdao Din Tai Feng

I Love You Ginger, I Love You Not

There’s an old Chinese saying: “Eating ginger in the morning is better than taking ginseng soup but eating it at night equals to taking poison.”