Obviously, art is just in the eyes of the beholder. Even that name- Artistic Stone Creations – is totally subjective. Only people- homo sapiens- would think that it could be considered art, and still then again there exists with absolute certainty, a group of people with non-art impressions about the stones. They would be stone sellers.

Up in the mountains most of the people breaking rocks (dashitou) are from Linyi. These tend to be the absolute nicest guys you ever met. There is a certain conviviality of spirit which they all seem to share. And whenyou bump into them, they share it with you. Consequently, upon departing from an encounter with one of these guys, I always end up feeling happier than before.

There is something inherently good about that.

Which means that there is something inherently good about these people.


None of this helps in any way with the problem of naming these stones. It should be noted that these stones came from the Great Central East Ridge of Xiaozhushan, in Lingshanwei. And in the photos are two, different large piles of boulders. That is not the same pile of boulders shot from different angles. Check out how one pile of boulders has sharp, jutted features shining in the sun.

Also, note the photo with the “balancing rocks.” Here’s my theory:

First of all, Xiaozhushan, after is was created, was eventually submerged at the bottom of the sea. (The oceans rose.) While at the bottom of the sea, the Qingdao mountains became covered in sand. This sand is all right around the bottom of the mountain in Lingshanwei and Qingan. Well, while the sand was there, these boulders in the photo
eroded and fell into a position similar to what you see in the photo— except back then, there was sand everywhere, holding the rock in place.

Eons passed. There was probably a continental lift of land and/or the sea level decreased. Seismic activity could have been involved.

Once the Artistic Stone Creations (for lack of a better name) became *above* the ocean, the sand started washing away with every rain. Finally, all of the sand was washed away, and the rocks collapsed into the artistic stone jive which we see here, but I’m not sure if this theory is correct.

Artistic Stone Creations Qingdao

Artistic Stone Creations Qingdao

Artistic Stone Creations Qingdao

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