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Exhibit Qingdao Postcards

Qingdao Postcards at Municipal Archives

The Qingdao Municipal Archives recently opened an expansive exhibition of hundreds of historical postcards gathered from around the world.

Chinese Style Divorce TV Show

Shot in Qingdao: Chinese Style Divorce

Chinese Style Divorce (Zhong Guo Shi Li Hun/中国式离婚) is a popular TV series from 2004 that was shot in Qingdao.

Huangdao Tunnel News

Tunnel Vision: Qingdao to Xuejiadao

Finally an end in sight, the major digging and construction on the Qingdao-Xuejiadao sea tunnel is done and it will be fully operational in 2011.

Hash House Harriers Qingdao 2012

All China Nash Hash 2010 in Qingdao 9.03-05

Coming up this September, the Qingdao Hash House Harriers will play host to Hashers from around China for a special All China Nash Hash in Qingdao.

Killer King’s Head

The King’s Head Pub will host a Killer Game activity in Qingdao on Saturdays at 2 pm.

Fun and Interesting China Facts

What the Fact: Interesting China Facts

Did you know that 85% of all U.S. artificial Christmas lights are made in China? Find out more fun and interesting facts about China’s past and present.

Qingdao World Beauty

Qingdao Fashion Week 5.05-09

Qingdao is about to get a lot better looking from May 5th to 9th as the 10th annual Qingdao International Fashion Week catwalks through town.

Qingdao Photos: Demery ’83

Check out these photos of Qingdao taken by Leroy W. Demery Jr. when he was traveling around China as a student in 1983.

Qingdao Artist: Maruko

Check out a selection of work from Qingdao born and raised Maruko, aka Wan Zi.

Xianggang Lu Qingdao

Streets of Qingdao: Xianggang Lu

The main street through Qingdao’s modern downtown area is called Xianggang Lu (香港路/Hong Kong Road) after the return of Hong Kong to China in 1997.

Fast Fashion Qingdao

Qingdao’s hipsters now have yet another new outlet for grabbing all their latest threads – at the recently opened H&M in the new Baili Guangchang/百丽广场.

Qingdao Artist: Sun Yong

Sun Yong (孙勇) is a Qingdao native currently residing in Beijing. Check out some of his illustrations of Qingdao’s ‘Old Town’.