The King’s Head Pub is hosting Yan Ping, a “soulful singer from the Northwest”, with percussion accompaniment by Hai Ping, on Tuesday night, July 27th. The King’s Head is known for its English pub like decor, a well played pool table, and regular musical gatherings with folk singers and acoustic guitar players from around China. They’ve got a nice beer selection too, including Tsingtao Beer in the stubby brown bottle with the gold label, which is shorter than but heads above the standard green meanies served all around town. Come check out the 2 Pings together from 8.30 to 10 pm tonight at The King’s Head (on Xinyi Lu behind the Amway on the highway and Zhonglian Plaza, see map link below).

Venue: King’s Head Pub / 国王头像酒吧
Address: 11 Xinyi Lu / 新沂路11号
Tel: 8583.9898

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The King’s Head Pub on Google Maps

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