Hold It High, Our Metal Gesture is the motto on the poster for the Yaksa 2010 tour. Yaksa, originally from Sichuan and now based in Beijing, are regulars on the China music festival circuit (e.g. Midi Fest 2007-09) and veterans of clubs around the capital. According to the associated with the start of rapcore in China.” The band’s Myspace page attributes Yaksa with a “swift and powerful metalcore style.”

Listen to Yaksa music on their Myspace.

When: April 28, 8:30 pm
Venue: Owl Bar / 猫头鹰酒吧
Location: Olympic Center Bar Street / 奥帆中心酒吧街
Advance Tickets: 40 yuan (RMB) / 票价:预售40元
Door Tickets: 50 yuan (RMB) / 票价:现场50元
More Info: 136.7886.8624, 纯子

Photo Credit @ Rock in China Wiki and Yaksa

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