Xiao Yu Shan (Little Fish Hill/小鱼山) is a traditional Chinese pagoda built in 1984 that has become one of Qingdao’s modern icons. The multi-color pagoda sits atop a hill in a wooded park off Yushan Lu in Qingdao’s old town.

Xiao Yu Shan Park is just next to Ocean University of China and offers views over the original campus of OUC on one side and Huiquan Bay on the other.

Huiquan Bay is where you will find the Qingdao Number 1 Bathing Beach just adjacent to old neighborhoods of Badaguan and Jinkou Lu. Xiao Yu Shan is one of the best places in Qingdao to get a sense of the city with views that stretch past Zhan Qiao to Tuandao in the west and on a clear day to the modern CBD near May 4th Square in eastern Qingdao.

Qingdao Huiquan Bay Beach 1 View From Xiao Yu Shan

Xiao Yu Shan Walk Qingdao

Xiao Yu Shan View Qingdao

Xiao Yu Shan Mural Qingdao

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