World Cube Qingdao Open 7.29

Update on the winner Chen Lin here.

The Qingdao chapter of the World Cube Association hosts a Rubik’s cube competition in Qingdao on July 29, 2012. Attendance is free, participation is welcome, registration is requested to compete (30 yuan RMB fee).

This is the first time such an event has been held in Qingdao. Entrants will be tasked with solving the original cube as well as 3×3 One-handed, 2×2 Cube, 4×4 Cube, 5×5 Cube, 6×6 Cube, 7×7 Cube and Rubik’s Magic.

Check out mathematical prowess and dexterity on display at the Qingdao Communist Youth League School at 81 Xuzhou Road in Shinan district (next to the Qingdao Publishing House on east side of Xuzhou Lu, north of Jiangxi Lu).

The school is near the Xuzhou Lu bus stop on the 32 line. More on Qingdao bus routes on Travel China Guide. Contact Erik at 158.9886.0329 (Chinese/German/English) for more info.

Time: June 29, 2012
Venue: Qingdao “Tuan Xiao” Communist Youth League School
Address: 81 Xuzhou Lu
Tel: 158.9886.0329

Qingdao World Cube Event 2012 Variants

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