Wang Yan Yu 6.26

Qingdao artist Wang Yan Yu (王衍玉) is rapidly establishing himself as an important figure in the Chinese art scene. A prolific and versatile artist who continuously creates arresting works both on canvas and in wood, he is holding an important exhibition of his oil paintings in conjunction with works of his mentor the Beijing artist and director of the Chinese Artists Association, He Yun Lan (何韵兰). These days Wang Yan Yu spends much of his time at work in Beijing’s Song Zhuang artist enclave and so to have the opportunity to see his works here in his hometown – along with those of He Yun Lan – is a treat not to be missed by those interested in contemporary Chinese art. The exhibition opens at 2pm, Saturday, June 26th at Qingdao 1919 Creative Industrial Park (青岛1919创意园), 39 Chang Yi Lu (old Qingdao cigarette factory). All welcome.

When: June 26, 2 pm
Venue: Qingdao 1919 Creative Industrial Park / 青岛1919创意园
Address: 39 Chang Yi Lu (in the old Qingdao cigarette factory) / 昌邑路39号 (原卷烟厂内)
Tickets: Free
Info: 135.8939.4682 / 139.6488.6756

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  1. phil

    the gallery’s address is 昌邑路39号 (39 Chang Yi Lu) – over Tai Dong way.

  2. @ phil:
    Hi Phil, changed above to reflect that, good catch… any landmarks to tell the taxi driver on how to get there? Hope to see you there, cheers, Steven

  3. phil


    I’ve been given an alternative address for the same place:

    华阳路20号 – 20 Huayang Rd

    Chang Yi Lu starts near the western extremeties of Taidong’s Walking Street (步行街)and Tai Dong Yi Lu, and then goes on to intersect with Hua Yang Lu. On the north side of that intersection you’ll see a Haibo (furniture sales i think…). 1919 is close by.

    again – the gallery is at 青岛1919创意园 (Qingdao Yi Jiu Yi Jiu Chuang Yi Yuan) in the old cigarette factory – 老卷烟厂 (lao juan yan chang) 

    any QD cabby worth his salt will know where to go.

    check out this website for a good detailed 3D street map of QD that allows you to search for streets and other landmarks (though it seems not to have an English version)

    anyone still having trouble is welcome to ring me on 135 8939 4682.


  4. phil

    might be fairer to say the northern end of Taidong rather than the western end…it’s not far from walking street anyway.

  5. phil

    some clarification required:

    in fact the gallery is next to 青岛1919国际建材博览中心 (Qingdao Yijiuyijiu Guoji Jiancai Bolan Zhongxin) which is a big new complex between Hua Yang Lu and Meng Zhuang Lu on the edges of Taidong.

    1919 is almost but not quite directly opposite Haibo on Hua Yang Lu. Go under the boom gate and down the road on the right hand side of the complex from Hua Yang Lu, and nearly to the far end of the road and on your right you will see the entrance to the Qingdao Gallery of Modern Art (Qingdao Xiad dai Zhi Shu Zong Xin) across a carpark.

    It’s in an interesting place – an old cigarette factory – and though not quite on the scale of places in Beijing and Shanghai it is well worth a look, as the current exhibition certainly is also before it makes its way to Yantai and other parts of the country in the coming weeks.

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