Wan Xiaoli performs at King’s Head Pub (国王头像) in Qingdao on January 11, 2013. Wan has been playing modern Chinese folk music (minyao/民谣) since the 1990′s and is a veteran of the Chinese music festival circuit.

Time: January 11, 2013, 8 pm
Venue: King’s Head Pub / 国王头像酒吧
Address: 11 Xinyi Lu / 新沂路11号
Tickets: 80 yuan (RMB) advance, 100 at door
Tel: 8583.9898

Listen to Wan’s music on Douban. Watch a video of Wan Xiaoli performing at the 2009 Strawberry Music Festival. If you plan to attend, buy tickets early as the King’s Head will be packed to capacity and then some. Last time he played in QD, we had to sit on the stairs, and John was told to pipe down. Check out some video from that show below and here.

The King’s Head Pub is on Xinyi Lu south of Ningxia Lu, west of Zhonglian Plaza. For more information, call 8583.9898 between 7 pm and 2 am. More info on Wan Xiaoli on the Rock in China wiki.

Relevant Links:
King’s Head Pub on Google Maps

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