Now that the major digging on the tunnel from Qingdao to Xuejiadao is done, it won’t be too long before the trip from one side of Jiaozhou Bay to the other takes just a fraction of the time it takes now. At present, travellers from Qingdao to Huangdao, Xuejiadao and Jiaonan have to go around the northern edge of the bay to get to the Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone (called Kaifaqu) or venture across the bay on the ferry often plagued by high winds and fog threatening to shut her down. Scheduled for completion in 2011, the tunnel is China’s 2nd undersea tunnel (the first one connects Xiamen Island to the mainland in southeastern Fujian Province) and cuts the trip from one hour to around ten minutes.


Qingdao’s Jiaozhou Bay Undersea Tunnel, running 7.8 kilometers with 3.95 kilometers undersea, links the urban Tuandao district and Xuejia Island of Huangdao District, said Xue Qingzeng, spokesman for the publicity department of Qingdao City Government.

The construction of the tunnel started in December of 2006. The tunnel is scheduled to open to traffic in the first half of 2011, which will help cut travel time from one side of the bay to the other from one hour to ten minutes. The cost of the tunnel is 3.3 billion yuan (about US$485 million).

Workers Celebrate Completion

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