Laoshan is one of the gems of Qingdao, home to the 2014 International Horticulture Expo, a huge mountain area with waterfalls, vineyards, excellent hiking and camping, and now, a proposed tunnel blasting through the mountains would connect Yangkou on the coast with Jimo inland to support the Blue Silicon Valley project.

Qingdao’s National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology and China’s most hi-tech marine research ship, “Science No.3”, are in “Blue Silicon Valley”.

Li Naisheng, the head of Qingdao’s national marine science research center has said that Qingdao’s “‘Blue Silicon Valley’ aims to be a fundamental and strategic marine science research center… (to) focus on the development of emerging industries and break new ground in key technologies, serving as a model for the nation’s blue economic development.”

More on Qingdao’s Blue Silicon Valley:

Qingdao’s “Blue Silicon Valley” endeavors to gather and build an array of national-level marine science research and educational institutes. Presently, one of the world’s seven oceanographic institutes – Qingdao’s National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, the world’s fifth national deep-sea base – and China’s most hi-tech marine research ship, “Science No.3”, are all stationed in the “Blue Silicon Valley”.

More from China Daily on Tunnel:

A new tunnel would go though Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao. The tunnel would be located to the west of Yangkou Tunnel to link the railway between Qingdao and Blue Silicon Valley in Jimo.

According to Qingdao Environmental Protection Bureau on Oct 16, the project is called Qingdao Blue Silicon Valley Laoshan Tunnel and would be built by the Qingdao subway construction headquarters. The tunnel would be 4,060 meters long with two lanes. It has had its first environmental impact assessment by the Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute (SSSRI).

The exact project period has not been fixed yet. It is scheduled for beginning at the end of this year, according to

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