The Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) lists Tsingtao Beer as a blond lager with 4.5% degree of alcohol, much higher than the bottled beer on sale in Qingdao itself, which carries a label that says it is about 3.2%. Meanwhile the stuff rated at is listed as 4.8%. As for what kind of beer it is, Beer Advocate calls it an American adjunct lager (whatever that means) and Wikipedia calls it a pilsner, which is a pale lager.

Dizzy even before drinking it? Whatever you call your Tsingtao, says to just call it “Ching-Dow”. The best place to get some fresh, delicious Tsingtao Pijiu is on the Beer Street in Taidong (Shibei district) in Qingdao. Summer time beer in a bag can be quite tasty too, if you find the right keg.

Ganbei and enjoy.

Chinatown Tsingtao

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Image credits @ Yumi, Gars

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