Tsingtao Beer: English Ads in China

Tsingtao Beer is making a splash in Shanghai at the Expo 2010 with ads that use English as the prominently featured language for an ad campaign called Drink Tsingtao Beer, Know China Better (喝青岛, 懂中国). One of them is about the custom of late arrivals first downing 3 beers as a “punishment” for tardiness. Some may show up late on purpose once this is known. This tradition is called sanbei, literally meaning “3 glasses”, which also refers to the initial 3 toasts made by the host at an official Chinese banquet. Ganbei with the world and stay tuned for news on the Tsingtao International Beer Festival starting this year on August 14.

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  1. Appears Tsingtao beer sales are down after getting busted recently for harmful environmental practices。

    Here is a little chart I just came across: http://www.yikuo.com/news/2010-06-08/84_201068140807849144525.shtml

    Looks like Yanjing Beer is also suffering in what is being labeled as ‘环保门‘ or Environmental Protection Gate.

  2. Onions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i did see these billboards in Shanghai. they didnt make much sense though. and the tsingtao sold on the convenience stores their is produced at a local plant. and the shanghainese and local expats only fancy that “ice delight” which is not much more than just water

  4. Joz whatever

    impressive~but feels like a young western designer’s work~hoho~
    But Tsingtao beer does need to improve its marketing~

  5. It’s about time they started producing some decent beer isn’t it?

    • Definamento on that sentiment, Tsing pi is the little engine that could but just doesn’t…

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