Traditional Treasures

For the rest of January, there will be a Chinese Traditional Painting Exhibition at the Qingdao Municipal Museum on Meiling Lu in Laoshan District. The exhibition includes works that have been certified as “National Cultural Treasures” making their first appearance in Qingdao. The Shanghai Museum had its experts carefully restore more than 40 paintings and part of the collection on display include works shown over the past decade at the National Palace Museum.

When: January 1-31, 2010
Venue: Qingdao Municipal Museum 27 Meiling Lu
Info: 8889-6286
Chinese Name and Address: 青岛市博物馆, 崂山区梅岭路27号

Relevant Links:
Official Qingdao Museum Website

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  1. Right. The English version of the site seems amiss. Safari works for the Chinese version though FF seems not to. Anyone have luck with IE? Anyway, the exhibition should be better than the site (pics viewable on Chinese site!)…

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