The original Qingdao Camera Factory was located on Yan An San Lu. The plant manufactured cameras such as the one in the photo below, the Qingdao 6. You can buy an old one for about 90 bucks on AliExpress.

The front gate of the factory had a huge replica of this camera. If you are interested in throwback items from the 70’s and 80’s in Qingdao, visit Time Capsule near Lu Xun Park.

Qingdao 6 Camera

This factory has long ceased to exist as the city of Qingdao grew and the factory that used to be on the outskirts was demolished to make way for housing.

Also, digital cameras came along and kind of blew old film cameras out of the market, so the Qingdao Camera Factory went the way of so many other buildings in Qingdao: it was reduced to rubble which was carted away.

This photo above of the factory gate was taken around 1992 by an American teacher in Qingdao. For more photos from this era, view the photos of Qingdao based photographer Clay Army on our site.

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