“This preservation of favourable variations and the rejection of injurious variations, I call Natural Selection.” – Charles Darwin, The Origin Of Species (1859)

If one were to wander around the wonderful little mountains of Qingdao and one were to wander off of the wandering little trails into the wild space where only animals wander, one will inevitably meet with PRICKERS. Prickers are those low-lying bushes which have TEETH, teeth which can tear through one’s pants, or give one a little cut or even a nasty cut or cause one to yelp.

But here we see some pictures of some THORNS. These are mean thorn trees. If you notice, the thorn trees are completely serious, entirely serious. They have no intention to make any kind of joke. It’s all business.

Free advice: Be careful around thorn trees.

Thorn Trees Qingdao

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