Straight outta Beijing, The Redbucks are an all American bluegrass band touring China this summer. They were voted Best Local Band of the Year (2010) by City Weekend in Beijing. Celebrate Canada Day at the REDSTAR, Room 401 in Building 3 of Creative 100 on Nanjing Lu, for a night of guitar, bass, dobro, mandolin, fiddle, banjo and old timey singalongs. Come out and support live music in Qingdao at one of the city’s best venues for bands. Tickets are just 40 kuai in advance, and a nice price of 30 yuan for students.

Listen to The Redbucks on their Myspace.

When: July 1, 9 pm
Venue: REDSTAR / 红星
Location Room 401, Creative 100 / 创意100, 南京路100号, 401
Tickets: 50 yuan RMB, 40 advance, 30 students
Info: 135.8320.6332

The Redbucks American Bluegrass Band

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