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Tectonic Quartet Video Qingdao LIve Music

Post Tectonic

Check out a video of The Tectonic Quartet at the Redstar 401 in Creative 100 on October 23.

Xiao He Live in Qingdao Music King's Head Video

Post Xiao He

Watch a video excerpt of Xiao He in Qingdao at the King’s Head Pub October 1st.

Post Wan Xiaoli Live in Qingdao

Post Wan Xiaoli

Chinese folk singer Wan Xiaoli recently performed in Qingdao at the King’s Head Pub. Watch a video excerpt of the show here.

24 Hours Live In Qingdao at Redstar

Post 24 Hours

Watch a video excerpt of the 24 Hours show in Qingdao on August 21.

Dress Code Live

Post Dress Code

Watch a short video excerpt of jazz quintet Dress Code at Club New York in Qingdao, July 6-7, 2010.

Tsingtao Beer Qingdao

Tsingtao Medicinal

Stumbled across on Youku, this old promo video for Tsingtao Beer is an interesting retro look at the wonders of our favorite local refreshment.

Post If Not You

The play If Not You, Then Who? finished a run of 3 shows in Qingdao last night. Watch a short video of the Qingdaohua speaking characters.

Dama Llamas Immaculate Machine Qingdao


The Dama Llamas supported Immaculate Machine on 12.16.09 at the Redstar. Watch a short video excerpt.

Post Hollerado

Hollerado played at the Redstar on Friday night. Watch a short video excerpt from their performance of the song Juliette.

Team WOW!

Homegrown Hope

What do a Canadian writer with Turkish background, an Aussie with South American influence, and a rockstar in China have in common? Of course, it’s Coca-Cola. Go TEAM WOW!