Super boy band Super Junior will make the teens swoon on August 28 at Qingdao’s Guoxin Stadium. Super Junior formed in 2005 and remain hugely popular in Asia especially among young female listeners who are attracted to the ensemble format popularized by performers like Backstreet Boys et al. The band has been through controversial lineup changes made by their parent company SM Entertainment Group in South Korea, such as the sub group Super Junior M created for the China market in 2007. Chinese singer Han Geng has been an integral part of this K Pop phenom since its debut. The appearance of Super Junior at the South Korea pavilion at Expo 2010 resulted in stampeding and unconfirmed reports of a casualty. Qingdao fans are advised to exercise appropriate caution at the upcoming show.

When: August 28, 8 pm
Venue: Qingdao Sports Center Guoxin Stadium / 青岛体育中心国信体育馆
Ticket Prices: 1280/1080/780/580 yuan (RMB)
Info: 400.610.3721

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Photo Credit @ Asian Popcorn

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