Qingdao Metro is the name on the blue barricades going up around town and it looks like the subway construction is going on full steam ahead. The on again off again mass transit project was first proposed in the late 1980’s and encountered some speed bumps along the way. Now with billions of yuan in the pipeline, this puppy is on track to be good to go by the end of 2014. That’s 5 short years until the first line opens, and more to come by 2050.


According to the Shandong subdomain of the China Daily website:

“The first phase of the Qingdao subway project… will consist of 22 stations… (and) the total length of the subway lines in Qingdao is to be 519.4 kilometers. Eight lines will be for the city center, with a total length of 231.5 km, and four lines will be for outlying areas, with a total length of 287.9 km.”

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