Xianggang Lu/香港路 (Hong Kong Road) is the main street through Qingdao’s modern downtown area, re-built and re-named around the time of the return of Hong Kong to Mainland China in 1997.

Prior to the reconstruction and widening of the road in 1996-97, it was called Zhan Liu Gan Lu.

It serves as the main artery for traffic between Badaguan and Qingdao University, passing through Zhan Shan (La Villa, World Trade Center), Fu Shan Suo (Carrefour, Copthorne), and Xin Jia Zhuang (today’s Hong Kong Gardens area, including Jiangxi Lu bar district).

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Xianggang Lu is so long that it is divided into 3 sections, Dong/东 (East), Zhong/中 (Middle), and Xi/西 (West), running from Old Stone Man/石老人 (Shilaoren) in the far east of Qingdao all the way to Taipingjiao 6 Lu near the large hand and foot sculpture on the coast.

Running right past the Qingdao City Government building, May 4th Square, and the major financial and shopping centers of Qingdao, Hong Kong Road is a symbol for Qingdao’s progress and development, showcasing modernistic architecture, huge TV screens, neon lights and separate bus lanes that used to be reserved for bicycles (which are technically not allowed on the road).

Since it appears that Qingdao emulates Hong Kong in its frantic pace of building skyscrapers along a picturesque coast, it is only fitting that the major road here is called Hong Kong Road. Ever been to Qingdao Road in Hong Kong?

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