Shandong Lu runs from the coast at May 4th Square north past Qingdao Tech University in Sifang where it veers northwest and becomes Ruichang Lu. The southern end of Shandong Lu intersects Xianggang Zhong Lu near the Shangri La Hotel and Qingdao City Hall (Municipal Government).

Shandong Lu is one of Qingdao’s major arteries in the downtown area and an important part of the development of a modern CBD in the city.

Shandong Lu intersects the East West highway at Ningxia Lu, carrying on north past the Qingdao Library and the Sifang Carrefour. Major landmarks include the Paris Printemps twin towers (formerly Hisense Plaza) at the corner of Jiangxi Lu, the new branch of 401 Hospital across from the Submarine Academy where Minjiang Lu ends at Shandong Lu, and the Shibei District Government building at Yanji Lu.

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Shandong Lu Map Qingdao

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