Nanjing Lu is a major street in Qingdao’s downtown CBD near May 4th Square. It runs north from Donghai Lu/Aomen Lu near the coast up through the area known as Cuo Bu Ling, ending at Chongqing Lu at Jiadingshan Park in Sifang.

The section of Nanjing Lu closest to downtown Qingdao passes by the Carrefour on Xianggang Zhong Lu (Hong Kong Middle Rd). The main commercial stretch of the road is home to branches of just about every bank (BOC, ABC, ICBC) and major electronics chain (Gome, Suning, 5 Star) in China. The arts and entertainment industries are well represented too with both Creative 100 and Zhonglian Plaza on Nanjing Lu north of Jiangxi Lu, near the Badahu residential area.

The intersection at Nanjing Lu and Jiangxi Lu is notorious for Qingdao’s “ghost building”, a former apartment block rumored to be haunted, today the site of the Tsingtao Jia Hotel.

Nanjing Lu is a wide road that totals 6 lanes across in the section from Donghai Lu to Ningxia Lu. Commuters on Nanjing Lu during morning and afternoon peak traffic times often find bottlenecks and long waits for turns at the major intersections, which are at Minjiang Lu (near Xin Gui Du), Jiangxi Lu (near 2 Middle School, Creative 100), Ningxia Lu (Zhonglian Plaza, Badahu), and Liaoyang Xi Lu.

Nanjing Lu is named after the largest city in China’s Jiangsu province.

Streets of Qingdao: Nanjing Lu Minjiang Intersection

Streets Qingdao: Nanjing Lu KFC Tsingtao Hotel Ghost Building

Streets of Qingdao: Nanjing Lu Road

Street Qingdao: Nanjing Lu Shops

Street Qingdao: Nanjing Lu Creative 100

Street Qingdao: Nanjing Lu Map

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