Daxue Lu is an historic road in Qingdao that runs north-south from the coastal Taiping Lu (just east of Zhan Qiao). The surrounding neighborhood features old lanes and a small community where well known authors Lao She and Shen Congwen once lived while teaching at nearby Ocean University of China.

Daxue Lu is home to several small shops and cafes including U & I Cafe and Le Pas Haus. The Dongfang Hotel at the southwest intersection of the bridge over Longkou Lu is one of Qingdao’s older star hotels that serves morning tea (早茶/zao cha). Just north of the Dongfang is the Strong Ale Works craft brewery at 12 Daxue Lu.

Just north of the bridge is the Qingdao Art Museum on the site of the former International Red Cross building. Further up on the same side as the Art Museum is West Gate 2 of Ocean University (Yushan campus). Daxue Lu winds past the west gate of the university and becomes Dengzhou Lu, which leads to Taidong and the Tsingtao Brewery.

Daxue Lu in Qingdao

Recommended city hiking in Qingdao’s old town, with convenient proximity to some of Qingdao’s coolest cafes and the green spaces of Ocean University.

The nearby neighborhoods across the street (Huangxian Lu, Longhua Lu) are mostly older buildings from colonial times or at the latest pre liberation – check out the Lao She Museum at 12 Huangxian Lu.

Trekking in this area gives a strong reminder of days bygone, with winding streets, old growth trees, and German era buildings, such as the castle-like structure called Qingdao Yingbinguan, aka Governor’s Mansion, northwest of Daxue Lu.

If you are interested in historical tours of this and other older Qingdao neighborhoods (Mandarin and English guides), contact us.

Daxue Lu Ocean University Qingdao

Qingdao Daxue Lu Street Sign

Streets Daxue Map

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