This happens more often than one may think in the waters around Qingdao. Seems this young woman was unable to get back to shore without assistance from some alert bystanders – she was on the rock outcropping and when the tide came in, “Help!”. Glad there was someone there to heed the call.

Please exercise caution folks, especially during windy and high wave conditions, as there are far too many stories of people unfamiliar with the sea getting carried away and not coming back to land. Just fyi. Thanks good samaritans!

China Daily captioned the above photo by Li Zhiyong @ Asianewsphoto: “Two men rescue a woman from a rock where she was stuck after the tide rose near a beach in Qingdao, Shandong province, on Monday. The woman was too excited to heed the danger after seeing the sea for the first time, according to a police officer who participated in the rescue.”

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