Still Shot in Qingdao

Qingdao offers a lot of color, texture, and flavor to point, shoot, and click. Here’s an incomplete list of photographers recording images of Qingdao for posterity.

Merlin Fisher (Yu Da Chu)
Merlin’s site features photos of the old town, natural landscapes, weddings, and more. The thoroughness and the sheer number of images here makes this site a valuable resource. Page links geographically arranged by street and/or district a bonus for those interested in the history and layout of the historical Qingdao.


Hassa (Yang Guang)
The creator of the La Villa series of ads for Redstar magazine, Hassa has published a book of his photos, available at Sonospace (Bu Shi Shudian). His latest work includes a set on Cathedral Square (Tianzhu Jiaotang Guangchang) in front of St. Michael’s Catholic Church.


Marcus Murphy Marcus is an avid student of Qingdao’s history. When not busy leading tours to Laoshan and the old town or doing research on the German concession era buildings and districts, he’s out there taking some really sharp shots of his favorite subjects in Qingdao.


Marc Montebello
Marc worked as a professional photographer in Canada before coming to China, and it shows. His natural shots of the seaside, portraits of local people, and images of everyday objects and places are found on his blog, a labour of love that bears repeated viewing for the latest bits.


Relevant Links:
Merlin Fisher (Yu Da Chu)
Hassa (Yang Guang)
Shanshui on Flickr

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  1. Wow! Great photos! Makes me wanna get my camera out and explore the city some more!

    Keep on pixelating!


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