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Spotlight: Le Pas Haus

May 1, 2012 in About Qingdao

Check out Le Pas Haus on Daxue Lu in Qingdao – they are “beer friendly”. Adjacent to the U & I Cafe on one of Qingdao’s most picturesque roads, Le Pas Haus (18 Daxue Lu) sells a steady stream of local craft beer from Strong Ale Works (brewed right down the street at 12 Daxue Lu).

Le Pas is in the same neighborhood as the Camel Xiangzi (Lao She) Museum, Ocean University of China, and the Qingdao Art Museum. Nearby streets such as Hengshan Lu and Huangxian Lu are suitable areas for an Old Town trek and a visit to nearby Signal Hill (Xinhao Shan/信号山) for panoramic views of local scenery including Qingdao’s former German Governor’s Mansion.

Member discounts at Le Pas for bearers of the We Are Beer Friendly badge.

Le Pas on Daxue Lu Qingdao Historic Street

Check out Le Pas Haus on Daxue Lu in Qingdao - they are "beer friendly".

Qingdao Le Pas Haus

Qingdao Cafe Le Pas

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