Tang Guo Qiang TV project in Qingdao

Qingdao is a popular shooting destination for TV dramas set in the period when Chairman Mao and Chiang Kai-shek were duking it out for control of China. Part of the reason is the extant group of historical buildings in Badaguan and the old Ocean University area (including the old Governor’s mansion, aka “Ying Bin Guan”). Recently long time Qingdao resident and old China hand Peter Gigante appeared as an American Naval officer in a Tang Guo Qiang project called Dongfang《东方》. Marcus Murphy of Qingdao Shanshui Adventures dutifully served as his interpreter. Nice costumes, and a beautiful day for negotiations.

A week after, a big crew of resident foreigner folks headed down to Cafe Roland for a day’s shoot, about 15 extras in total from Germany, US, Australia, Poland, and more… thanks to Lao Zhu for helping out with all the logistics.

Shot in Qingdao 2

Shot in Qingdao 3

Pics of folks on set in their costumes and getting wardrobe/make-up below.

Shot in Qingdao 4

Shot in Qingdao 5

Shot in Qingdao 6

This show will appear on CCTV-1 sometime in early Spring 2010.

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