Shooting Starbury

Stephon Marbury aka “Starbury”, has recently joined the CBA team Shanxi Zhongyu, not to be confused with Bonzi Wells’ former team, the Shaanxi Kylins.

What a year for the CBA. First, Wells decides to grace the league with his presence only to part ways after 14 games. Now we get another former NBA star in Stephon Marbury.

With the quick departure of Wells, one has to wonder how long Marbury’s stay will last. Hopefully long enough for him to play Qingdao Double Star on Wednesday February 24th, 2010 in Qingdao.

In Marbury’s first appearance on Chinese hardwood, he put up some decent numbers in 28 minutes of playing time: 15 points, 8 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 steals, and 2 turnovers. Decent but nowhere near as impressive as Bonzi Wells’ debut of 48 points in his first game. However, it does seem that Marbury wants to play team ball, and maybe a little too much, as he passed up two chances to be the hero while his new team suffered a 1 point loss. Of course there is no ‘Starbury’ in ‘TEAM’ but given his former NBA status, he has to know that he is going to be the ‘go to’ clutch player in the final minutes, and he needs to embrace that role going forward.

The sold out game was not without its controversy. Fans were not happy with the officiating and were throwing lighters and shouting “Hei Shao”, which means black whistle. If you aren’t up to date with the China sports scene, the reasons behind this can be traced back to the football (soccer) pitches of China, where a scandal involving bribes has dominated recent sports headlines and weakened the trust that sports fans have in the fairness of China’s sporting events.

We want to gauge what people think about the recent addition of Stephon Marbury to the CBA and also find out who will be there on February 24th when Shaanxi and the Starbury himself face off against Qingdao Double Star in what is sure to be the highest attended game of the year at Qingdao University Arena. We welcome your comments below to jump start the discussion.

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  1. I am guessing that the 2.24 game in Qingdao will sell out, wonder how soon in advance we can buy tickets. Last time I went to a game at QU Arena, it was about 1/4 full. If I can score the ducats, I am there like a bear….

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