The Shanghai Expo officially kicked off with a welcome dinner and a ganbei toast televised live on CCTV, and May 1st marks the first day the Expo is fully open to all visitors from around the world. The Shandong Pavilion is representing for Qingdao with the theme of “A Lush, Green Garden“. Since the general theme of the 2010 Shanghai Expo (official slogan “Better City, Better Life”) seems to be green (from logo color to landscaping to eco-consciousness), it appears Shandong is dutifully following the trend, and hopefully setting some too. The pavilion week for the Shandong Pavilion is July 8-12, so that might be a good time to head down and see if the Tsingtao Beer not brewed with Laoshan water lives up to its reputation. While there, sample the Reeb (that’s beer spelled backwards), try the Xiao Long Bao (a Shanghai specialty type of steamed bun that is quite similar to dumplings) at the Yue Gardens, ride the Mag Lev train (speeds up to 430 km/h), and climb the Oriental Pearl for some great views of Pudong and Puxi.

Check out the e-Expo website with a cool interactive 3D map of the Expo grounds.

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