This year’s green tide is back with a vengeance, except it’s not that mean, it’s just kind of pungent. The algae bloom that graces east China’s coast each early summer and sweeps up on beaches from Rizhao to Qingdao has returned. First sighted in 2008 in an episode that scared some into thinking the Sailing Regatta would be affected (it wasn’tmuch), the green stuff on Qingdao’s shores is not harmful to humans.

It does however create some interesting photo-ops for beachcombers who might have envisioned a different holiday in Qingdao. The above photo from Getty Images was captioned ” A large quantity of non-poisonous green seaweed, enteromorpha prolifera, hit the Qingdao coast in recent days.” The origin of the algae is said to be aquacultural byproducts in the East China Sea.

Check out some more photos of the green from years past below.

Qingdao Photos Alexandra Nosach Lu Xun Park Algae Huiquan Bay

Zhou Kun Algae Swim Qingdao

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Main Image Credit @ ChinaFotoPress Via Getty Images, others by Alexandra Nosach, Zhou Kun

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