Rent A Car in Qingdao:

Ever wanted to brave the traffic and drive around Qingdao and beyond?

Renting a car in Qingdao is pretty easy and relatively inexpensive. There are many agents around town – one of the big chains is China Auto Rental, or CAR for short. Their English website says there are locations in 66 cities around China.

If you have an international driver’s license, check out (zu/租 = rent, che/车 = car) for more info on renting a car in Qingdao. Note that reservations can be made online only on the Chinese version of the website. Call 400.616.6666 in China to speak with an agent.

China Auto Rental locations in Qingdao include:

  • Qingdao Liuting International Airport
  • 29 Taiping Lu (near Zhan Qiao pier) / 太平路29号
  • 142 Yan An Lu (in Shibei near Taidong Beer Street) / 延安路142号
  • 6 Yinchuan Xi Lu (north of East West highway) / 银川西路6号
  • 18 Xianggang Zhong Lu (downtown Qingdao near May 4th Square) / 香港中路18号

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  1. I did that a few times with the rental shop on Yinchuan Road. A few things you have to keep in mind:

    – Better have a Chinese driver’s license. Foreign ones are acceptable but there’s a lot of paperwork to be done first.
    – Need a credit card for the safety deposit. Again, Chinese ones are preferred.
    – There’s a limit of 250KM per day for most cars. Additional KM cost 1 RMB. I noticed when I came back from long trip and renting an additional day ended up being cheaper than paying for the KM.

    Apart from that, cars are in good condition and new. It’s a good way to get out of Qingdao and explore. And the traffic is also not so scary – at least during the day 😉

    Drive safe!

    • HI Chris, how did you get your Chinese driver’s license ?

  2. I got it way back in 2006 when it was still easy to get one. Had to show my foreign one (translated myself) and answer 5 questions in a test (out of 11 possible questions). By now I heard that it got more difficult and you need to study many questions (and if you’re lucky then maybe a Chinese friend can come and help you though).

    My main problem is now that I don’t know how to renew it. My license has just now expired 🙁

    Any ideas?

    • not sure, i’ve never gone through the process here, but i think there are agencies that offer this service for non Chinese nationals…

      I know the written test has become more difficult (so I’ve heard)… is there any road test?

    • I also got mine back in the day and yes it’s true that it’s much more difficult to get one these days. I had renewed mine last year prior to it expiring, I think if yours is past the date you will need to retake the test and apply for it all over again. There still might be a chance if you go in asap and see if you can just renew it but I wouldn’t let it go any longer than it already has. Goodluck!

      • hey man, i didn’t know you had a dl…. next time you wanna drive through the tunnel ?

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