This weekend at the Qingdao Library, former chairman of the Qingdao Photographers’ Association Ren Xihai will be exhibiting over 200 photos he shot in 2006 to record daily life in Qingdao. This set of snapshots is unique in that Ren took all of them with what is called a ‘Fool’s Camera’ in China – a simple automatic point and shoot camera. The ever-smiling Ren is a fantastic, friendly man with an eye for Qingdao’s beauty in all things great and small; if you like photography, be sure to check out his vision before February 8 at the Qingdao Library.

Event: ‘My Visual Diary 2006’ Ren Xihai Photography Exhibition
When: February 5-8, 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
Venue: Qingdao Library, 109 Yanji Lu
Info: 8501-7918
Venue (Chinese): 青岛市图书馆, 延吉路109号

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