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Ray is a landmark movie about a man so accomplished that his nickname was “The Genius“, and no one took it as overstatement. Ray Charles constantly experimented with different styles, bending and sometimes breaking genres all over the musical map from blues to funk to gospel to jazz to country. He is said to have made the first true soul record, blending gospel and blues on I Got A Woman, a reworking of the turn of the century gospel hymn Jesus Is All The World To Me. Ray Charles was a legend in his time, one of the most famous musicians in modern history whose career spanned almost 6 decades. He sang for 7 different US presidents, won 12 Grammys, and was one of the first inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Join Chris and company at Freeman on Sunday for this week’s musical film offering, the definitive biopic Ray.

“Soul is a way of life—but it’s always the hard way.” – Ray Charles

When: January 24, 3 pm
Venue: Freeman Cafe, 163 Jiangxi Lu
Info: 158-5321-1877
Chinese Info: 江西路163号 自由人咖啡

Relevant Links:
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Listen to Jesus Is All The World To Me
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  1. If you are in China and want to listen to and/or download Ray Charles music completely legal and authorized, don’t forget about Top 100 and Google.cn, which is still going strong. Here’s the Ray Charles artist link for within mainland China: http://www.google.cn/music/artist?id=Ad98a47e990d1d010

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