The Qingdao Symphony Orchestra performs at the Qingdao People’s Auditorium on March 23, 2013. The evening’s program includes the following works by Dvorak: Slavonic Dance 8, Cello Concerto in B minor, and Symphony No. 9 in E minor. Principal Cellist is Nie Jiapeng and the QSO conductor for the evening is Yang Yang.

When: March 23, 2013, 7.30 pm
Venue: Qingdao People’s Auditorium / 青岛人民会堂
Location: 9 Taiping Lu / 太平路9号
Info: 8289.7229

Qingdao People’s Auditorium is on Daxue Lu near Xiao Qingdao and Zhan Qiao. Before/after the concert, it’s a short walk up Daxue Lu (under the bridge) to Strong Ale Works, Coffee Space, and Le Pas.

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