One of the last weekends for prime cherry picking in Laoshan will see the crowds come out in force for the fruit of their toil. Head out to Beizhai to get your fill. Also, check out these events in Qingdao this weekend.

Big Fish Sighting at Sonospace
When is a bookstore not a bookstore? When it is Sonospace, the shop with the Chinese name which literally translates to “Isn’t a Bookstore” (不是书店). Saturday evening at 7 pm, Sonospace will screen Big Fish, the Tim Burton directed film from 2003 starring Ewan McGregor and Billy Crudup. Free event, 100 Nanjing Road (南京路100号) at Creative 100 (创意100).

Flash Mob Sunday Noon
For 3 minutes on Sunday starting at exactly 12 noon, feel the force of a flash mob in front of the McDonald’s on the Taidong Pedestrian Mall near Weihai Lu. Attendees are requested to clutch a one yuan in hand to stand out from the usual mobs congregating there on weekends anyway.

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Photo Credits @ Columbia Pictures and M Sittig

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